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The Holland Group

The Holland Access to Justice in Medical Malpractice Group (“The Holland Group”) promotes reforms in medical malpractice to serve the public interest by increasing access to justice to achieve equitable, affordable and timely resolutions of medical malpractice claims.

Composed of members of the Plaintiff and Defence (both hospital and physician) Bars in Ontario and chaired by The Honourable Mr. Justice John I. Laskin, The Holland Group has, since 1998, encouraged dialogue amongst all parties involved in the medical malpractice field to improve access to the judicial system while providing fair and timely resolution of such cases.

The Group has met several times to discuss the obstacles to equitable, affordable, and timely resolution of medical malpractice claims. Several key themes have emerged, some of which are discussed on this website: future care costs settlements, the cost and use of experts in litigation, OHIP subrogation rights, contingency fees, limitation periods, collection of collateral benefits, early resolution of meritorious claims, and the culture of medical malpractice litigation.