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The Holland Group

Suggested Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Who is The Holland Group?

    The Holland Group is composed of members from both the Plaintiff and Defence (physician and hospital) Bars in Ontario. It was formed in 1998 subsequent to the release of the 1990 Prichard Report on Liability and Compensation in Health Care: A Report to the Conference of Deputy Ministers of Health of the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Review on Liability and Compensation Issues in Health Care and following the 1998 Tort Reform Conference (Toronto) organized by the CMPA, the mutual defence organization which assists Canadian physicians in medical-legal matters.

    Initially chaired by the late Honourable Richard E. Holland, Q.C., followed by the Honourable Coulter Osborne in 2002, the Group is fortunate to have as its chair, the Honourable Mr. Justice John I. Laskin. The Group meets on a periodic basis to discuss and foster practical changes to the medical malpractice system.

  2. Why are you called The Holland Group?

    The group�s formal name is The Holland Access to Justice in Medical Malpractice Group. One of the founders of the group, and its chair, was the late Honourable Richard E. Holland, Q.C., a distinguished jurist who facilitated a discussion group in 1998 of interested parties in connection with issues important to medical malpractice cases.

  3. Who belongs to The Holland Group?

    The Group is comprised of members of both the Plaintiff and Defence (physician and hospital) Bars in Ontario and has been chaired, since 2018, by the Honourable Mr. Justice John I. Laskin, former Justice of the Ontario Court of Appeal. For an up-to-date list and biographies of the Group�s current members, please visit the �Members� section of our website at:

  4. How can one join The Holland Group?

    Membership in The Holland Group includes a representative from each of the defence law firms acting for physicians, defence counsel for hospitals and representatives from the Plaintiffs� Bar. New members are elected to join via invitation by the sitting members.

  5. What is The Holland Group�s mission statement?

    The Holland Group promotes reforms in medical malpractice to serve the public interest by increasing access to justice to achieve equitable, affordable and timely resolutions of medical malpractice claims.

  6. What has The Holland Group done to fulfill its mandate?

    One of the Group�s earliest initiatives was a conference held on November 30, 2000 on �Medical Malpractice: Liability and Damages�. The Holland Group has developed a Statement of Principles Applicable to Damages Experts in Medical Malpractice Litigation to assist counsel in the retention of experts. This Statement is available on our website. The Group meets periodically throughout the year to discuss issues affecting medical malpractice and the health care system and what proactive steps it may take to address such issues. It monitors legislative tort reform and makes submissions to governmental and regulatory bodies on those matters affecting access to justice related to medical malpractice.

  7. What is The Holland Group�s view on the use of experts?

    Due to the nature of medical malpractice cases, the use of expert witnesses is an important part of the litigation process. The Holland Group encourages the joint retention of damages experts in appropriate cases to achieve cost containment and promote timely resolution. Visit the �Use of Experts� section of our website to learn more about this topic.

  8. What have you published and / or organized in achieving your mandate?

    Please visit the Publications section of our website for a full list of publications, papers and articles published by or written about The Holland Group.

  9. How can one contact the Group?

    Sandra Perron
    58 Oak Avenue
    Dundas, Ontario
    L9H 4Y9
    Tel: (905) 628-2810

  10. Do you have a website?

    The Holland Group can be reached at