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Members Mr. Justice John I. Laskin (Chair)

Graduated from University of Toronto Law School 1969; Civil and public law litigation practice 1971-1994; Counsel to a number of commissions of inquiry, including the Ontario Inquiry into Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation (the Osborne Inquiry,1987-88); Appointed to the Ontario Court of Appeal, January 1994.

Following his appointment to the Court of Appeal, Justice Laskin has organized and taught in many programs on decision writing and advocacy, both in Canada and abroad. For many years he was co-chair of the annual CIAJ Judgment Writing Seminar, and then of the NJI-CIAJ advanced judgment writing seminar, called Style and Context. He contributes frequently to the NJI’s oral judgments program. And he has taught decision writing to many individual courts and tribunals in Canada. He has also spoken on advocacy at numerous programs, including OCAT’s Annual Written Advocacy seminar. Abroad, he has taught judgment writing, advocacy, and judicial education in Hong Kong, China, Albania, The Hague, Arusha, Spain, Scotland, New Mexico, Barbados, and Jamaica.

Articles: A View from the Other Side: What I Would Have Done Differently If I Knew Then What I Know Now (1998); Forget The Windup and Make the Pitch: Some Suggestions for Writing More Persuasive Factums (1999); What Persuades (or What’s Going on Inside the Judge’s Mind) (2004); How to Write a Persuasive Factum: A Judge’s View (2004); Why Are You Telling Me All This? (2008); The Right Stuff: Marvin Catzman and Legal Writing (2008); Teaching Judgment Writing in Canada (2011); Memories of Marc Rosenberg (2016).